John D. Colburn


Hello, my name is John D Colburn and I would like to be your next representative in the Indiana House of Representatives for District 70.


My political positions begin and end with one overriding concern: How does any potential solution to a problem affect our inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our Creator. I believe governments are instituted among men to protect those rights, and it is the resulting liberty and freedom which best serves our happiness and prosperity.


The problems with the greatest impact on our lack of happiness and prosperity today, however, are born of the nefarious intentions of a large intrusive government: State and Federal alike. All problems we encounter are of our own creation, and the best solutions are found within the free and open market of ideas.


Economically, I am best described as a Free Market Capitalist. Each of us are best equipped to decide which goods and services are worth the fruits of our labor. For example, Governments do not have the authority to dictate the power source of our modes of transportation. If the Free Market decides electric automobiles are the best mode of transportation, gasoline powered autos will cease to be affordable. When governments dictate electric vehicle usage at the exclusion of other forms of energy, it has overstepped its moral authority. This position is proven by the tax credit government has provided to the manufacturers and purchasers of electric vehicles: The market does not want electric vehicles as evidenced by the enormous tax subsidies required for the electric vehicle market to exist.


Our current economic system is described as a mixed economy. I believe a better description is Crony Capitalism. Either description is the antithesis of Free Market Capitalism. I am committed to rolling back government’s power and severing those cozy relationships between business and government.


The representatives of our republic serve at the pleasure of their constituents. These positions are not some type of birth right to be willed to the “next in line.” And when the current holders of these seats refuse to communicate with their constituents, refuse to make themselves available for discussion, or are not open about their positions on the most pressing issues of the moment, it creates the perception that We, The People are only needed for a few minutes every two years. I am committed to changing this behavior. I will be available for open discussions regarding all issues affecting our l ives. I am committed to establishing and maintaining availability and communication channels via all avenues today’s society provides.

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For Others, It’s Just Business. For Me, It’s Personal.

In requesting The Honor of your vote, I believe it is important you understand my positions on a myriad of current issues affecting our lives. I begin contemplating every issue with two foundational assumptions:

  1. The government is not the solution. In fact, the government is probably the source of whatever issue we are discussing.
  2. The best solution lies within a free market idea. If left to their own devices, The People will devise the best solution. Not every situation warrants a governmental response.

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Representing You

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I believe the following topics will give you a solid understanding on how I will represent you in Indianapolis:


Parents are the first and last educators of their children. They are best equipped to understand the needs of their children. Parents must have direct involvement in establishing the curriculum of their schools without the meddling of bureaucrats in Indianapolis or Washington DC.


The fruits of our labor belong to us. Government needs money to perform its function. Any system by which the government forcibly separates us from our money must be fair and equitable. Sales tax achieves this. Income taxes, by their very nature, are unfair and should be eliminated.


I am pro-life. I believe life begins at conception and no human being has the authority to take away our Creator’s greatest gift. I do make the exception of self-defense when your life or the life of another is in imminent danger.

Capital Punishment:

I am against it. No human being has the authority to take away our Creator’s greatest gift. I do make the exception of self-defense when your life or the life of another is in imminent danger.


The best protection against a tyrannical government is a well armed populace. When you believe you need a fence, barbed wire and soldiers protecting you from the populace, you are the problem: Not the populace.


The best healthcare system only has two people involved: The patient and their doctor. Insurance companies should be taken out of the equation: Communication between healthcare providers and health insurance companies should not be allowed. When people motivated by profit begin making healthcare decisions for others, people will die unnecessarily.

These few positions and their accompanying explanations probably generate more questions than answers. However, they do provide a framework which describes the type of representative I will be.